Lab Access

General information:

We provide access to the lab center based on a VMware Horizon View infrastructure. Students will be able to gain access to the training environment from just about every current internet connection using a VMware Horizon View client (preferred) or a current HTML5 enabled browser.

So we support these two access methods:

• VMware Horizon Client via VMware Blast protocol

• HTML5 compatible browser.

Both require the port 443/TCP.

VMware Horizon View Client Software is available for download at: (Install VMware Horizon Client).

Access Test

Open VMware Horizon View Server / website:

Username/Password for test: Please ask our lab sales or support team!

1) If shown, click on the icon „Use this Pool for Lab Access”.

2) In case of a functional connection:

A Linux Desktop with a test document icon will appear.

3) At this point no further testing is necessary, access is ok.

4) Please close the VMware Horizon client or browser tab.