Mission Critical Support

While comdivision does not replace any vendor mission critical support we add services on top of it. Whether this is for a migration or during a disaster recovery: we are ready to help.

Transition or Migration support

When it comes to a larger migration or IT transition, it is helpful to have a experts team at hand which can mitigate risks, provide just-in-time solutions, and help focus any third party vendor support on a solution. Our experts team will provide guidance during  the project planning phase as well as throughout the transition or migration processes.

Disaster Recovery / Operations

Our team of experts is often called in to help in a disaster recovery or operations scenario. When others react like they were paralyzed or traumatized, our professionals are up to the task. With our direct access to vendors and an extensive network of industry professionals, we can also assist with short term rentals or vendor-based drop shipments to replace defective parts or even build an ad-hoc datacenter.