Workshop - All-in-One VMware Cloud on AWS Experience

You want to intensively test VMware Cloud on AWS or do a proof of concept?

Have  you  already  considered  VMware  Cloud  on AWS more closely?

Then we offer our comdivision: VMware Cloud on AWS Experience. Here  we  will  start  with  an  analysis  workshop  to  define the goals for the PoC, also discuss the goals beyond the PoC and create a conceptual design for your cloud strategy. At  the  same  time  we  define  the  scope  of  the  POC,  its  limits  and  a  suitable  time  window  (about  10-14  days). 


Day 1Kickoff Workshop - The defined use case
will be discussed again as well as goals and
limits will be finalized.
Day 2AWS Enablement Workshop – In this
workshop, we prepare the entire team for
using VMware Cloud on AWS.
Day 2-3The required AWS resources for the PoC will
be activated together with VMware
Day 4-7Joint implementation of the use-cases;
if necessary, implementation of additional
Day 8-10Validation by you as the customer with our
support. Question if all goals were achieved,
what is missing?
Day 11Final workshop: presentation of results,
determination of next steps, validation of
cloud strategy.
Day 12

Completion of the PoC: The proof of
concept systems at VMware / AWS are
deleted (in individual cases, a migration to a
productive environment is possible).

(The  times  in  the  table  to  the right are estimated).