VMware Cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that allows organizations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS is ideal for enterprise IT infrastructure and operations organizations looking to migrate their on-premises vSphere-based workloads to the public cloud, consolidate and extend their data center capacities, and optimize, simplify and modernize their disaster recovery solutions.

Why comdivision for your VMware Cloud on AWS project?

comdivision is the partner with the highest certification level in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region, even globally comdivision is within the 2 partners holding all 5 Master Services Competencies (as of September 2019). comdivision was second to achieve this level globally and was several times mentioned during VMware keynotes as one of the key advisors for customers by VMware's CEO Pat Gelsinger. We were the first in Germany to hold the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency which proofs not only the education and certification level we hold, but also the level of customer satisfaction required to gain this level of certification. comdivision also is a certified Amazon partner and as such can bridge all requirements from both vendors. A over 20 year background which initially started in the SaaS and IaaS hosting space helps comdivision architects ensure customers get the results they need.

comdivision can also engage with you in both consumption models for VMware Cloud on AWS, you can purchase credits to consume resources direct or acquire individual managed services packages which combine the best of bread infrastructure services from VMware and AWS together with the highest VMware skillsets available globally packaged as comdivision:knowledge.

Read the case study how we helped migrating a whole datacenter to the cloud in two days 

Our customer - a building supplies manufacturer with 5,000 employees - urgently needed to renovate one of their datacenters... in the next few weeks(!). Read how comdivision was able to pull this off with the help of VMware Cloud on AWS!

Want to read it on paper? No problem, here you can download the PDF version:

When and how can I meet comdivision and VMware for more details:

  • Contact us and setup an appointment +49 251 703839 0
  • Use our free VMware Cloud on AWS assesment tool
  • IDC Multi-Cloud Summit 2020, Frankfurt
  • Gartner CIO & Excecutive Summit 2020, Frankfurt

Past Events

comdivision - pre-packaged VMware Cloud on AWS workshops

How can the VMware Cloud on AWS service be consumed?

VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold, and supported globally by VMware and its partners like comdivision. As an enterprise or government customer you get the freedom to choose between the core offering provided by VMware or a a managed service provided by comdivision. 

Example: VMware Cloud on AWS using Streched Clusters

I already have a lot of VMware licenses onsite can I reuse them for VMware Cloud on AWS?

Yes and no... Yes there will be a discount applied to your cloud credits based on your actual license ownership. No you can not just use your licenses for VMware Cloud on AWS, as the services come completly licensed and serviced for you, however this ensures that you can continue to operate on premisses the way you did. Let our experts help you on how to apply the best licensing towards VMware Cloud on AWS.

Where is VMware Cloud on AWS available?

VMware Cloud on AWS has availability in the following AWS Regions (as of June 2019): US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), Europe (London), and AWS GovCloud (US).  With each release, VMware Cloud on AWS availability will expand into additional global regions.\

What VMware services are available as part of VMware Cloud on AWS?

With VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can simplify their Hybrid IT operations by using the same VMware Cloud Foundation technologies including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter Server across their on-premises data centers and on the AWS Cloud without having to purchase any new or custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating models. The service automatically provisions infrastructure and provides full VM compatibility and workload portability between your on-premises environments and the AWS Cloud. With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can leverage AWS's breadth of services, including compute, databases, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), security, mobile, deployment, application services, and more.

How can I get started?

We encourage you to meet with one of comdivision's hybrid cloud experts to do an independent assessment of your current and future data center, infrastructure and workload needs to identify if this product offering is a match for your needs.

A first step is also to use our free online assessment at https://www.readyforhybrid.cloud.

Can I evaluate VMware Cloud on AWS?

As Amazon and VMware offer the VMware Cloud on AWS as a service on an hourly basis, you can operate your own infrastructure as long as you have a credit card ready. However we strongly encourage you to work with comdivision architects to build a thorough POC / evaluation to ensure the best use of your time and money is ensured as bills can add up quickly. Depending on your use case we could also validate if you qualify for a partially funded POC with comdivision.