Workshop - VMware Cloud on AWS Sizing, ROI, TCO workshop

In  this  workshop (1-2h remote, 2-3h on-site),  we  will  install  an  analysis  system  in  your existing VMware environment. For a few days (or better  a  few  weeks),  this  tool  collects  data  about  the  system load. With  this  data,  we  can  then  jointly  analyze  which  workloads are best suited for a migration to the cloud, which costs arise and how much potential there is for significant savings.This workshop will be carried out independent of sales, so we are open-minded and can provide neutral advice on which steps make sense. At the same time, we also identify  workloads  that  may  not  be  suitable  for  cloud  use,  or  potential  savings  for  their  private  cloud.  At  the  end  of  the  workshop,  you  will  receive  an  analysis  that  will help you with next steps and cost planning.