Workshop - Is your company ready for VMware Cloud on AWS

comdivision has many years of experience in the private and  public  cloud  sector  and  has  already  helped  many  companies to evaluate a cloud strategy. In  our  half-day  workshop,  we’ll  explain  the  potential  strategies for using VMware in the cloud. All workshops are led by experienced IT architects, not sales reps. Our experts  will  help  you  understand  if  and  how  a  partial  or holistic transition to the cloud makes sense for your business. Our specialists not only discuss whether your workloads are suitable, but also take a look at important topics such as data connection, data backup and data security.After  the  workshop,  you  will  receive  a  brief  written  analysis of the next steps for your company and, if you wish, a non-binding service appraisal from comdivision.