Specsavers is an international company providing a trusted eye care service, affordable glasses and contact lenses to a number of countries in Europe and across the globe.The company has grown rapidly since, thriving with its joint venture partnership approach to eyecare. It hit the milestone of 100 stores in July 1988, 200 in 1993, 300 in 1995, 400 in 2000, 500 in 2003, 600 in 2004 and 700 in 2005. The first Netherlands store opened in 1997, the first Swedish in 2004, and 2005 saw the first in Denmark and Norway. In 2006 the first store was opened in Spain, and in 2007 the company began supplying in Australia whilst opening the first store in Finland. In January 2008 Dame Mary Perkins opened the 1000th store in Roosendaal, Holland, followed by the launch on the first three Specsavers stores in Australia in March. By July 2009 there were 173 in Australia plus 24 in New Zealand.

comdivision consulting has been working with Specsavers since 2004, where we started setting up conference room pilot's around the use case of Compiere ERP+CRM. Beside advising on the different use cases around Compiere, as well as helping establish new functionalities like the Warehouse Management comdivision soon also became the goto partner for all performance related development issues. We did not only help improve the Compiere performance in several areas from minutes down to 2-3 seconds, but also helped in Oracle Tuning.

comdivision's engagement expanded soon into the area of Pentaho Business Intelligence, as it became clear that the Compiere ERP+CRM reporting was unable to fullfill the demand of such a large enterprise. Based on these findings comdivision developed a specialised Compiere Pentaho Data Warehouse to be run near realtime replication of the Compiere system and providing the rollout of financial reports and OLAP analysis for Specsavers.

As comdivision was the central partner for Specsavers, we also derived user trainings around Compiere, Pentaho as well as other applications in Countries like: Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Guernsey and United Kingdom.

Eventhough Specsavers has declared that they are going to move from Compiere to Oracle Financials during the next few years comdivision is still engaged for Pentaho, MySQL and Oracle Tuning as well as supporting several VMware installations.

Naren Gellaboina, PM at Specsavers UK: "I have worked with Yves in Specsavers , he was our IT Consultant for Compiere , his knowledge of Compiere and its Financial/Business process is extensive and second to none. He has been able to bring a fresh and multi-dimensional approach to our problem solving in Compiere. He is a very dependable person and also a consultant who offers value for money. A person whom you can depend on in times of crisis."

Jeff Parkhouse, BA at Specsavers UK: "My company hired Yves as a consultant for the introduction of Compiere ERP into our organization. I found Yves to be very knowledgeable and honest in the work he has done for us. He understand the high level picture of what the company is trying to achieve along with the low level detail. We have constantly used his services since 2007 and expect to continue so over the foreseeable future, which shows how much we value Yves."

Keng Ng, BA at Specsavers Australia: "Yves has demonstrated superb knowledge of Compiere and real-life experience and understanding of commercial application of Compiere. He has been an invaluable partner to the roll-out of Compiere to Specsavers Hong Kong"