Authorized Inspector and Engineer Services Vogel

Managed services and outsourcing provided by comdivision...

comdivision is providing full IT service outsourcing services to the office Vogel located in Beckum and Muenster, Germany. We were approached in 2010 by Mr. Vogel to review and relaunch there IT infrastructure.

The comdivision team analysed the existing implementation and suggested a switch to the VMware plattform to move from physical to virtual servers, reducing the number of physical servers by 8:1. Storage infrastructure was provided by delivering an EMC storage.

Beside the local infrastructure at the Muenster office it was necessary to secure mobile access as well as implementing an infrastructure for the secondary office in Beckum. In the headoffice a redundant Astaro Appliance was installed with two independant carrier uplinks, for remote and home offices Astaro Red appliances were implemented while mobile access was build based on IPSec Infrastructure.

comdivision took over full control of the infrastructure and provides full administrative services/outsourcing, so that the Vogel office could concentrate on there daily business instead of being worried about there IT.