Groupware & E-Mail

Groupware & email solutions are no longer up for discussion in companies, they need to be running, available and secure. But did you know that aside the big brands like Microsoft, IBM or Google, VMware also provides a great solution, which is ranked third of all the email systems worldwide?


Zimbra has initially been developed by Yahoo to provide their own email system for customers. Therefore it scales perfectly and it is not surprising that globally more than 60 million paid mailboxes are built on this stack. This modern web based plattform allows users to use a web client, their own offline client or tools like Thunderbird, MS Outlook or whichever one they prefer.

But not only does it work with normal clients, it also integrates smoothly with iPhone, Blackberry or Android. Now this sounds like one of these complex solutions which might need days or weeks to implement or for data to convert? Let us proof you wrong: as an appliance it installs within 10-15 minutes, you could run it also custom install or hosted. How about data conversion: it provides tools for Exchange, IMAP conversion or other email systems.

We have successfully converted several customers from ten to thousands of mailboxes from various plattforms, so let's talk how Zimbra can bring you to the next level.