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vCenter Operations Manager: What does Previous periods mean in All Metrics graphics?

In the vCenter Operations Manager All Metrics tab you can select the previous period, so what exactly does that do?

"Previous period" is the period *before* the one you've selected, of the same lenght.

e.g. in your case for "last 30 days", the previous period1 is 'the 30 days before those last 30 days

If you're looking at a 1 day period, "previous period1" is the day before that (adjacent), and "previous period2" is one more thay in the past

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22.08.2012 20:41 (comments: 0)

vCenter Operations Super Metrics on an Application

If you want to create a metric for let's say the average CPU usage on an entire application the correct Super Metric would be:

AvgN(CPU Usage,2)


vCenter Operations Manager ensures that it does not double count the values. Also if you have collected enough data the Super Metric preview should show immediate results on this metric.

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